WORESANA® 100% Natural Active IngredientsWoresana woman with China, EU, and EcoCert certifications

WORESANA® products are a group of patented active ingredient systems from organically grown fermented cereals. Controlled fermentation transforms the cereal and increases bioavailability of nutrient matter such as amino acids, enzymes and glucans. WORESANA® products are suitable for a large variety of personal care applications.


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The WORESANA® ‘100% Natural Active Ingredients’ product line includes:


WORESANA® serum undergoes a multi-filtration process resulting in a transparent liquid with a broad range of effective uses including formulations for: Anti-Acne, Skin Hydration, Antibacterial, Antifungal, reduction of Skin Roughness and more.


WORESANA® Animal Serum

WORESANA® animal serum is a less-refined version of our human rye ferment product, WORESANA® serum. WORESANA® animal serum is suitable for a broad range of effective uses including formulations for Anti-Itch, Anti-Inflammation, Antibacterial, Antifungal, eczema and more.

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