WNS Walnut Shells from McKinley Resources

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NS Walnut Shells from McKinley Resources
NS Walnut Shells from McKinley Resources

McKinley Resources provides high quality, natural, and biodegradable walnut shell grown in the United States. Our WNS Walnut Shells can be ground into various sizes, to meet customer requests. Because McKinley Resources is structured to fill orders quickly, many of our customers, domestically and internationally, are able to enjoy lead-times as short as five days.

WNS Walnut Shells from McKinley Resources are used in applications such as water remediation/filtration, lost circulation in drilling muds, and exfoliation in cosmetics. McKinley Resources WNS Walnut Shells have also been used in dynamite, anti-slip additives, and plywood. Importantly, McKinley Resources WNS Walnut Shells are dust free, non-corrosive, and lightweight enhancing manufacturer productivity and environmental friendliness.

To learn more about the variety of uses for walnut shells, please contact McKinley Resources directly. 

 McKinley Personal Care Product Catalog (PDF - 1.4 MB)
 WNS Walnut Shell Particle Size Guide (PDF - 288 KB)
 Adsorption of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Phase (PDF - 142 KB)
 High-flow Walnut Shell Filtration System by Siemens (PDF - 1053 KB)
 Pilot Study Confirms Walnut Shell Filter's Success (PDF - 136 KB)
 Removal of lead from aqueous solution (PDF - 486 KB)
 Removal of Oil From Wastewater (PDF - 85 KB)
 Walnut Shell Application Definitions (PDF - 170 KB)

Cosmetic Walnut Shells

Walnut Shells provide abrasive features in cosmetic applications as well, such as hand cleansers and body, foot, and facial scrubs.

View our online Cosmetic Walnut Shell Catalog

Industrial Walnut Shells

Walnut shells are a nontoxic resource for blasting, micro-blasting, filtration, and anti-slip coatings. These shells are used in industrial processes that include deburring, deflashing, and in drilling fluids. Walnut shells are used as landscape and infill material, as well as pesticide, herbicide, and seed carriers.

View our online Industrial Walnut Shell Catalog

Exportation of Walnut Shells

We are a world leader in exporting WNS Walnut Shells for oil & gas, water remediation, and cosmetic industries. Customers globally can get better quality goods at lower prices by importing from us. We make the process simple! Our English Walnut Shells start their journey from Walnuts grown in California’s Sacramento Valley and are milled in one of the finest state of the art grinding and processing centers. Many materials can be shipped with short lead-times and a guarantee of consistent supply. Complete documentation is available on all process controls and quality control analysis data of each lot or shipment. Further materials can be moved to port of choice for ease of export.

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