Anti-aging compound capryloyl salicylic acid is found in quality cosmetic and health productsSkin Care Active Ingredients by McKinley Resources

McKinley Resources has launched a “McKinley Skin Care” product line that manufacturers, formulators, and chemists can trust. The “McKinley Skin Care” product line has an assorted group of ingredients, which are proven to effectively improve skin. We invite every company to contact us about our new “McKinley Skin Care” product line.

McKinley Resources is positioned to fill orders quickly, provide short lead-times, and accommodate specialty orders.

 To learn more please contact McKinley Resources directly.

 McKinley Personal Care Product Catalog (PDF - 1.4 MB)
 Vitamin C Brightening Serum 1409-01-A (PDF - 194 KB)
 Vitamin C Brightening Serum 1409-01-B (PDF - 193 KB)
 Vitamin C Night Nourishing Crème 1409-02 (PDF - 204 KB)

The “McKinley Skin Care” product line is recommended for:


Anti-Aging ingredients are effective in retarding the signs of aging. They provide key benefits such as anti-wrinkle effects, collagen stimulation, skin moisturization, and exfoliation.

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Anti-Acne ingredients are effective in retarding the disorder of the skin caused by inflammation of the skin glands and hair follicles – specifically, a form marked by pimples on the face. They provide key benefits such as anti-inflammation effects and sebum control.

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Anti-Oxidant ingredients are added to cosmetics and other products to prevent harmful chemical reactions in which oxygen is combined with other substances.

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Skin Lightening ingredients are effective in brightening and lightening skin.

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Anti-Inflammatory ingredients provide natural skin soothing benefits for after-sun care, shaving, and more.

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