PhytoSpherix®: A unique botanical extract with powerful skin benefits

PhytoSpherixMcKinley Resources has partnered with Canadian manufacturer, Mirexus, Inc., to promote PhytoSpherix®, in the United States. Mirexus’s expertise in natural biomaterials has given birth to PhytoSpherix®, a proprietary plant-based glycogen that increases skin hydration, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and improves skin feel.

In addition, the product is safe, biodegradable and sustainable.

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 McKinley Personal Care Product Catalog (PDF - 1.4 MB)
 PhytoSpherix Brochure (PDF - 2.2 MB)

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PhytoSpherix® is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a new,patented green process. It is dermatologist tested, non-irritating and hypoallergenic.

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