McKinley Resources has reached across the globe to bring a product line with pure bioactive compounds from plant-originated raw materials to the USA. Natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and minerals help to promote a healthier lifestyle. In addition, natural plant based ingredients are environmentally sustainable.

Our NORMACTIVE partnership provides ingredients that can be used in a range of formulations: Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Aging, Anti-Pollutant and the promotion of Hair Volume & Thickness.

We invite every company to contact us about our new “McKinley Normactive” product line. McKinley Resources is positioned to fill orders quickly, provide short lead-times, and accommodate specialty orders.

 To learn more please contact McKinley Resources directly.

 McKinley Personal Care Product Catalog (PDF - 1.5 MB)
 BIOMIRA 112 Brochure (PDF - 1.2 MB)
 BIOVOLUME 128 Brochure (PDF - 1.4 MB)
 DANDELIX PRO™ Brochure (PDF - 2 MB)
 BIOVITRIENT 124™ Brochure (PDF - 1 MB)
 POLLUFENCE Brochure (PDF - 1 MB)



BIOMIRA 112 treats the contour of the eye by smoothing wrinkles and minimizing dark circles and puffiness.

View our BIOMIRA 112 Product


BIOVOLUME 128 treats hair cuticles by forming a natural protective film over the cuticle, all while promoting hair moisturization, volume and thickness.

View our BIOVOLUME 128 Product



BIOVITRIENT 124™ has ultra nourishing content that rebalances the moisture level of the hair, smooths the cuticle and prevents dehydration. Its film-forming ability provides manageability and shine to each strand while retaining natural movement of hair.

View our BIOVITRIENT 124™ Product



DANDELIX PRO™ effectively reduces and prevents the appearance and formation of dandruff flakes while relieving scalp irritation and itchiness.

View our Dandelix PRO™ Product


POLLUFENCE prevents and repairs skin damage caused by pollution and UV via high anti-oxidant activity and formation of a protective barrier on the skin.

View our POLLUFENCE Product